Han Kang's 'I Do Not Bid Farewell' shortlisted for two French literary awards

 人参与 | 时间:2023-12-01 01:45:21

Acclaimed South Korean author Han Kang’s latest novel, “I Do Not Bid Farewell,” has earned a spot on the shortlists for two prestigious literary awards in France, according to the book's Korean publisher.

“I Do Not Bid Farewell,” translated to French by Kyungran Choi and Pierre Bisiou, has so far been shortlisted for the Prix Femina for foreign literature and Prix Medicis for foreign literature -- on Oct. 24 and Oct. 18, respectively -- according to Munhakdongne Publishing.

The book was published in France in August by Grasset, a leading French publishing house, under the title "Impossibles Adieux,” which means "impossible farewells."

Winners of the Prix Femina are scheduled to be announced on Nov. 6, while Prix Medici award recipients are to be unveiled Nov. 9.

The Prix Femina and Prix Medici are two of the main prestigious literary awards in France, along with the Goncourt and Renaudot awards.

The Prix Femina, established in 1985, has previously acknowledged the works of Lee Seung-u (“The Reverse Side of Life” in 2000) and Hwang Sok-yong (“The Guest” in 2004 and “Shimcheong, The Lotus Path” in 2010).

Han is now a two-time nominee for the Prix Medici, established in 1970, after her previous nomination for “Greek Lessons” in 2017.

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